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UltraGauge Windscreen Mount

UltraGauge Windscreen Mount

The Windshield mount attaches directly to the inside surface of the windshield.  The long neck of the windshield mount is flexible and can be formed to fit most applications.  The windshield mount head, which attaches to the UltraGauge bracket, is a ball design which allows for fine position adjustment. The ball can be locked in place with the included locking ring.

Installation Instructions:

  • The windshield must be completely clean, dry and smooth.  If the surface is not prepared properly the suction cup seal will eventually fail. 
  • The suction cup is protected by a thin plastic sheet which must first be removed.
  • The silicon suction cup becomes less flexible with cold temperatures.
  • The silicon suction cup must be pressed firmly against the windshield.   It may be necessary to first mold the neck of the mount in order to allow the cup to sit flat against the glass.
  • When molding the neck of the windshield mount use two hands and grasp the neck only.  Never attempt to adjust the neck by grasping the bracket or UltraGauge....damage will occur
  • Once the suction cup is firmly against the glass and flat against the glass, press the locking tab to create the suction which will adhere the suction cup to the glass.
  • Attach the bracket to the mount.  Do not attempt to force the bracket completely on to the mount, only slide the bracket onto the mount until it will not slide more.
  • Adjust the mount's swivel head as desired and then very lightly tighten the locking ring.
  • Insert UltraGauge into the bracket.

It is generally best to only lightly tighten the locking ring, so as to allow the ball swivel to still operate and hold its position.  Attempting to position UltraGauge while the locking ring is tight, can result in damage to the mounting bracket. 

Failed Installation
If the mount was installed without following the instructions above, the mount will likely have been contaminated by the dirty windshield.  If so, it will be necessary to wash the suction cup in warm water with a little dish soap.  Rinse with hot water.  Shake dry and then air dry until completely dry.   Do not attempt to dry the suction cup with a towel or paper towel.  Both will leave fibrous debris on the cup which will cause the suction cup to fail.  A hair dryer can be used to accelerate the drying.  Once the suction cup is dry, then follow the installation instructions above.

Overall Length8.3" (21mm)
Suction Cub diameter2.75" (7cm)
Head rotation360°
Head swivel+-40°

    WHAT can be returned?
    All items can be returned yet there are some conditions. The item being returned must be intact and in it's original packaging, not be damaged, used, altered or modified in any way as this will void the return agreement.

    WHEN do items need to be returned by?
    Items must be returned within 14 days of receipt of the item.

    WHERE do items need to be returned to?
    Please return items to Precise Auto Pty Ltd, PO Box 40, Doreen Victoria 3754.

    HOW do customers return items?
    Prior to any return, please contact the Precise Auto Team to discuss the reason.  Please email with the product return query. Please include a contact phone and invoice number then one of our Team will contact you to arrange the item return.

    SHIPPING for returns? Are shipping costs refundable?
    Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund on shipping. The customer, in most cases, pays for the freight unless:

    - the item is damaged in transit, incorrect parts are sent or it is covered by the warranty.

    CREDIT for returns? Restocking fee?
    Return credit will be equal to the purchase price of the item less original shipping costs and selling fees (where charged).

    Precise Auto charges a 20% restocking fee on all items shipped via Australia Post and a 30% restocking fee on items shipped via other courier services.

    INSTORE return option?
    Precise Auto is an online store and as such is not able to accept instore returns.

    PACKING materials? Do items need to be in original packaging for returns?

    Returned items must be in their original, undamaged packaging.

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