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The UltraGauge EM Plus can display 78+ possible standardised gauges.  Gauge selection is completely customisable.  The actual gauges available are vehicle dependent.  If your vehicle supports any of the gauges listed, then the gauge will be available for display by UltraGauge.
The UltraGauge EM Plus does not support manufacturer specific gauges such as transmission temperature, for this you would require the UltraGauge MX1.3.
The MX1.3 will display some vehicle specific gauges including transmission temperature, please see our 'Buy UltraGauge' area for available vehicles.

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UltraGauge not only displays all current engine trouble codes but also codes for potential or intermittent faults. With UltraGauge, checking engine codes is easy.   UltraGauge also proactively scans for trouble while you are driving and alerts if trouble is found.
UltraGauge uses the same fundamental technology that automotive mechanics use and can display all current engine trouble codes.   Eliminate the hassle, time and expense of taking your vehicle to an automotive repair centre.  Avoid faults that can lead to expensive and untimely break downs.
Check Engine Light on? No problem! UltraGauge can also turn off that annoying check engine light!

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UltraGauge features an LCD display with LED backlighting.  Unlike traditional LCDs which rely on the reflection of ambient light, the UltraGauge display actually emits light.  Only the information displayed emits light, the background remains dark.  This makes for high contrast and exceptional day and night visibility.
UltraGauge automatically adjusts display brightness based upon ambient light levels.  This is especially important for night driving safety. UltraGauge minimises the light levels for night driving so that night vision sensitivity is not disturbed.  Brightness levels are fully configurable.
The large display makes for easily readable text.  The display uses high quality glass that is easily cleaned.
Despite the large display, the body of UltraGauge has been minimised to simplify installation and limit dash obstruction.
UltraGauge automatically detects when the vehicle is not running and switches the display off.

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UltraGauge EM Plus 1.4 & MX1.4: Our Offerings
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