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Installation Instructions:

  • The windshield must be completely clean, dry and smooth.  If the surface is not prepared properly the suction cup seal will eventually fail. 

  • The suction cup is protected by a thin plastic sheet which must first be removed.

  • The silicon suction cup becomes less flexible with cold temperatures.

  • The silicon suction cup must be pressed firmly against the windshield.   It may be necessary to first mold the neck of the mount in order to allow the cup to sit flat against the glass.

  • When molding the neck of the windshield mount use two hands and grasp the neck only.  Never attempt to adjust the neck by grasping the bracket or UltraGauge....damage will occur

  • Once the suction cup is firmly against the glass and flat against the glass, press the locking tab to create the suction which will adhere the suction cup to the glass.

  • Attach the bracket to the mount.  Do not attempt to force the bracket completely on to the mount, only slide the bracket onto the mount until it will not slide more.

  • Adjust the mount's swivel head as desired and then very lightly tighten the locking ring.

  • Insert UltraGauge into the bracket.

It is generally best to only lightly tighten the locking ring, so as to allow the ball swivel to still operate and hold its position.  Attempting to position UltraGauge while the locking ring is tight, can result in damage to the mounting bracket. 

Failed Installation
If the mount was installed without following the instructions above, the mount will likely have been contaminated by the dirty windshield.  If so, it will be necessary to wash the suction cup in warm water with a little dish soap.  Rinse with hot water.  Shake dry and then air dry until completely dry.   Do not attempt to dry the suction cup with a towel or paper towel.  Both will leave fibrous debris on the cup which will cause the suction cup to fail.  A hair dryer can be used to accelerate the drying.  Once the suction cup is dry, then follow the installation instructions above.

Overall Length8.3" (21mm)

Suction Cub diameter2.75" (7cm)

Head rotation360°

Head swivel+-40°

Material Polycarbonate

Neck Flexible



  • The Combination Mount combines the UltraGauge horizontal and vertical surface mount into one unit.

  • The unit has three separate components, the base and locking ring, the horizontal mounting stalk and the vertical mounting stalk.

  • The stalks simply interchange by unscrewing the locking ring, removing the mount out of the ball joint and replacing with the alternate mount. 

  • This mount is ideal for mounting UltraGauge on a horizontal or vertical surfaces, such as a steering column, console or dash.

NOTE: The UltraGauge Bracket is not designed to fully slide on the the "T" slot of the mount. Only slide the bracket on to the "T" enough to hold it securely in place. Attempting to fully insert the Bracket onto the "T" slot will likely result in damage to the bracket.

Once removed from its protective bag, the combination mount cannot be returned for a refund.  Because the adhesive performance is customer installation dependent, the adhesive has no warranty. Please ensure to clean the mounting surface thoroughly before application.

* While the mount can be used on the dash, this is discouraged since dash temperatures can exceed the maximum temperature of UltraGauge and damage the display. This can be resolved with the use of a Windshield Sun Shade. With the use of a Sun Shade the Horizontal mount provides an excellent dash mount solution.

** The adhesive should not be exposed to prolonged high temperatures, such as is common when a vehicle is parked in the sun with the windows up and no form of shading. The adhesive will eventually fail under such conditions.



  • Engineered to securely mount the Ultragauge EM Plus and MX gauges to your vehicle's A Pillar

  • A great alternative to suction cups or tape based mounts, for those wanting a more secure mounting option 

  • Attaches securely to the lower bolt on your A Pillar grab handle

  • Retains easy access to the menu and scroll buttons on the back of the Ultragauge

  • Has three holes to allow customisable height of your gauge

  • Designed to work in conjunction with the standard Ultragauge bracket (included) using a bolt and locknut (included)

  • Precision laser cut from heavy gauge cold rolled steel, and finished in satin black powder coat

  • Includes everything needed for installation: aluminium spacers, high strength 12.9 black oxide mounting bolt, and mounting instructions

  • This was designed to fit the Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series, Holden Colorado but will fit most vehicles with an A Pillar grab handle. Mounting bolt supplied will fit Toyota LC200 and Colorado A Pillar threads, if the mounting bolt does not suit your vehicle your local hardware store should be able to supply you with a suitably threaded bolt.


  • Precision laser cut steel bracket, powder coated in satin black

  • UltraGauge rear mouting clip

  • 2 x Spacers ( 1 long and 1 short)

  • A Pillar mounting bolt

  • Installation instruction

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