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UltraGauge Scanning Loop Issues

We have had some customer feedback that following their purchase of an UltraGauge and the vehicle installation they have an issue whereby the gauge appears to scan for a long period of time.

Usually the gauge, when first connected to a new vehicle, will go through a scanning process. This is detecting vehicle CANBUS protocols and searching for available gauges. This process should only take 5 - 120 seconds, but on occasion it can enter what we term a scanning loop, mean the gauge will just sit there scanning. There are a couple of causes of this:

- Plugging in or unplugging the gauge whilst the vehicle is running causing a communications error (hot plugging)

- Signal detection issues from the vehicle ECU

- OBD2 plug not firmly located in vehicle OBD2 port

There are a couple of simple steps to correct. The main concern we have had raised is that the gauge is faulty, this is not generally the case. A couple of things to check in troubleshooting this scanning loop issue:

- Ensure the UltraGauge OBD2 plug is firmly seated in the vehicle OBD2 port

- Unplug the gauge with the vehicle turned off, leave the vehicle off and the gauge unplugged for five minutes and then after five or so minutes plug the gauge back into the vehicle then re-start the vehicle to idle

If the two above steps don't trigger the gauge to find CANBUS and search for available gauges it is best to see that the gauge is ultimately not faulty or causing the issue. To do this:

- Turn the vehicle off, unplug the gauge and leave the for five minutes

- With the vehicle off plug the gauge back into the OBD2 port

- Whilst holding the Menu/Select Button (diagram below) on the gauge down start the car to idle, release the Menu/Select Button once vehicle is idling. This should prompt the first menu to appear, Gauge Page Menu will be the top menu item you see.

- Navigate to the UltraGauge Setup line on the menu and press Select

- Navigate to the Restore All Defaults line on the menu and press Select, then restore. Please note this will do a global restore on the gauge, it will not remove M Gauge coding but will return the gauge to default factory settings including gauge page assignments, alarms on or off etc.

- The gauge should then restart and perform the scan correctly and should only take around 5 - 120 seconds to find the vehicle parameters

- If this does not happen and the vehicle returns to the scanning loop please contact us to trouble shoot further.

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