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Nissan Y62 Screen Refresh Issues

Following some reports of issues with Nissan Y62's whereby screens have frozen or scrolling through pages has seen the gauge freeze or even go blank, we have tried to address a solution below:

  • The issue does not seem to be specific to any particular Series of the Y62 Patrol or model therein, it appears to be somewhat random

  • In talking with tech support in the US they have suggested it appears to be the vehicle ECU not responding to UltraGauge information requests so the UltraGauge believes the vehicle has entered ignition off mode, and switches itself off

  • This is somewhat unusual for a CAN based vehicle, but not entirely impossible

  • By increasing the number of 'Power Off Retries' to a value of 100 or larger may correct this issue

  • If this does not provide a satisfactory result try setting the 'Power Off Detect Mode' to setting 5

  • These steps and parameter settings can be found in the manual on pages 46-47, see below for screenshots

Link to Manual:

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