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UltraGauge M Gauge Codes

Welcome to the UltraGauge Product Support Page for our retail customers. Here you will find a range of coding options that we have available for the varying vehicles. We pre-program common transmission and torque converter temperature gauges prior to delivery, yet customers may want other gauges. Listed below are the current known tested and working gauges by vehicle which can be added, if you choose, when you receive your gauge via the M Gauge function. The M Gauge programming task card is available in the Blog section of our webstore.

Please note, we only pre-program transmission temperatures, other gauges may be available below for your vehicle (as denoted by * next to the gauge title) but this will require you to program them in yourself once your gauge is delivered. A M Gauge coding task card is available in our Blog - M Gauge Programming Taskcard.

* Denotes test gauges or gauges supplied from third party sources, customers or forums. Support is limited on development of these gauges and there is no guarantee that these gauges (*) will work on any or all vehicles.

This links to our Precise Auto website listing the M Gauge Codes:

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